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Craftsmanship in Action: Creating Bespoke Custom Cabinets

The Team Behind The Beautiful Bateman Projects

Learn About The Team Behind The Beautiful Bateman Projects. 40 years of Superior Canadian Custom Craftsmanship. From Drawings To Finishes, Consultation To Installation, Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry Is Our Passion. Combining Functionality & Style in Simcoe County & Muskoka. Want To Get Inspired? Visit Our Showroom Today.

Crafting Canadian Excellence: Unveiling the Bateman's Team Legacy

For over four decades, Bateman's Team has been synonymous with superior Canadian craftsmanship. As devoted owners, visionary designers, and skillful builders, our team has etched a remarkable legacy of excellence.

Embark on an Artisanal Journey with the Maestros of Bateman Projects!

Collaborative Creations: Bringing Homeowner Visions to Life
40 Years of Superior Canadian Custom Craftsmanship
Step into a world where imagination meets precision – where dreams become tangible reality. 
Showcase of Styles: Explore Custom Cabinet Builder's Portfolio
From Drawings to Finishes, We Craft Your Vision
Bringing your visions to life is our forte. Starting from intricate drawings, we weave enchanting tales of design that breathe life into every corner of your space. 
Custom Cabinet Builder's Creative Solutions
Consultation to Installation - A Personal Touch
At Bateman, we believe in forging lasting relationships with our clients. We are not just creators; we are confidants. 
Custom Cabinet Builder's
Custom Kitchens & Cabinetry - A Love Affair
Our hearts beat for custom kitchens and cabinetry. It is a passion that fuels our artistry and pushes us to explore new dimensions.
Custom Cabinet Builder's Creative Solutions
Functionality & Style - A Harmonious Blend
In the enchanting landscapes of Simcoe County and Muskoka, we weave functionality into style, creating harmonious spaces that are as practical as they are breathtaking. 
Custom Cabinet Creative Solutions
Unleash Your Inspiration - Visit Our Showroom Today
If your heart seeks inspiration, come bask in the splendor of our showroom. Here, dreams take shape, and the extraordinary becomes a reality. 
Precision and Detail Exquisite Craftsmanship by Cabinet Builders

Leaders in creating custom cabinetry.

At Bateman's we have a team of talented designers, cabinet makers and finishers who produce quality cabinetry which is sophisticated in design and function. Custom kitchens, wall units, walk-in closets, mudroom cabinetry, and much more are built to the highest quality in the large workshop.

The outcome of his design concepts show his passion in their unique details, displayed in the showroom models. His many repeat customers have shared their testimonials and have complete confidence in their next endeavour.

"Expert Consultations, Innovative Designs: Bateman Fine Cabinetry"

When discerning customers come into the showroom, plans in hand for a kitchen or other cabinetry, they are greeted with knowledgeable consultation and excellent service. They leave with direction and excitement for their new design projects.

At Bateman Fine Cabinetry, innovative custom design is our specialty. Whether traditional or contemporary, we offer full consultation and complete CNC drawings. We forever remain committed to producing a superior, Canadian made product.

Craftsmanship Achievement: Completed Project by Custom Cabinet Builder
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